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Meet Akwaaba, your personal search engine

Akwaaba is the enterprise search tool & data dictionary helping Ops & IT teams find and understand the people, process, and data that moves their business forward.


Built to help you understand "the why",
wherever the answer is. 🔍

Akwaaba can search any and all of your systems to help you understand not only what was built, but why it was built that way.

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With the help of AI, your documentation
literally writes itself. 🤖✏️

Automatically generate help text and descriptions that are synced back into your CRM and are visible to all users.

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Index and search every field in your instance. 📖

Search through thousands of fields, lines of code, and more. Find any of your metadata in seconds.

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GIF demonstrating field updates

Work faster and smarter with AI powered search 💡

Akwaaba converts natural language into SQL queries that return results using your own custom fields.


Wiki pages written on your behalf, automagically. 🪄

Integrate with Notion to create a data dictionary inside of your existing knowledge hub.

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The fastest data dictionary for Ops Teams

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About us
Rudy is an 11x Salesforce certified architect with experience leading IT & Business Systems teams.

With Akwaaba, our goal is to make complex systems more easily understood.

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